Senior Year: Bucket List – Part 2 Blog

Danielle Hale September 18, 2013 1

Bucket list feature

I only have a short time left as a college student, so I need to make it count. I want to fully experience college life and all that Ohio University and Athens have to offer. I decided to make a bucket list and share it with you.

1.  Eat at Big Mommas and Burrito Buggy

Burrito Buggy

There are many good places to eat in Athens. I have eaten at many of them, but Big Mommas and Burrito Buggy are two that I have not experienced yet. They are both Mexican restaurants and I have been told are very good. I think it is past time that I check them out for myself.

2.  Attend a Fest

Ohio University is known for having fests which is a huge party. Many times the fests take place on different streets in Athens and are similar to a block party. I have never been to a fest, but I know it is one thing I cannot graduate without doing.

3.  Get a $2 burrito on Halloween

The Chipolte in Athens gives burritos for $2 to people in costumes on Halloween. Every year I forget about it until I see the line and say to myself, “Oh, I have to remember that for next year.” This year I am going to make it happen.

4Paint the graffiti wall

Wall Graffiti

There is a graffiti wall that gets painted many times a week. I love walking past it and seeing the different designs. I have always wanted to get a group of friends together to paint it.

5.  Margarita Night

I love fruity drinks and think it would be a lot of fun to have a margarita night with my roommates.

6.  Sit on the hill at a football game

There is a grass hill behind one of the goal posts at Peden Stadium. I have always sat in the student section but think it would be fun to sit on the hill and have a different view of the game.

7.  Pull an all-nighter

I have gotten through college without staying up all night, and too many people feel that doesn’t seem real. I need sleep to be able to do school work so an all-nighter wouldn’t work for me. So, I have decided I want to pull a different kind of all-nighter that would involve me having fun with friends.

8.  Take a random road trip

I am a planner, so taking an unplanned road trip would be very unlike me but a lot of fun.

9.  Play beer pong

I am not much of a partier and have never played beer pong. Most college students play this, and I want to play to see what the big deal is.

10.  Attend a women’s soccer game

In high school, I was a student athletic trainer for the girls’ soccer team. I developed a love for soccer, but since being in college, I haven’t attended a soccer game. I have never seen college women’s soccer, and this year I still have the opportunity.

11.  Carve pumpkins with friends


I used to carve pumpkins every year before I went to college, and it was something I really enjoyed. I am not sure why I never carved one the past three years.

12.  Visit the Farmers Market in every season

Athens has an amazing Farmers Market. In the fall and spring, it is huge. This year, I want to visit it frequently and enjoy all the fresh food.

13.  Have a movie marathon


I love watching movies.

14.  Bike path

OU has a great bike path that I have never been on. I don’t want to leave OU without taking a walk on the bike path.

15.  Attend a movie at the Athena

Athena photo (1)

One of the best things about Athens is all of the hidden gems, and the Athena is one of them. The Athena is located on the main street of campus and usually plays different movies than the ones in many local theaters.

If you graduated from college or are looking forward to it, tell me some things you would make sure to do in your last year.