Diversity Matters!

Sandi Allison September 12, 2013 0

young women

Being a woman of task and outcomes, I am often driven in retaining the big picture to the detriment of fully concentrating on the details. However, I know enough to understand that completing great things require those who compliment other skills than what I have, and I understand the value of differences. The  significance of a cohesive and well-oiled machine that is eclectic, creative, and dynamic in accomplishing phenomenal things is because multiple, and a highlighted “different” types of members have come together to share their perspective for a common goal. To me, there is nothing more satisfying in producing change and increasing work energy than a team who respects the creative polarities of difference.

Diversity matters!

A big challenge presents itself when more time is spent on some skillful game of allies and enemies based on personal favoritism with those that are like-minded; and a calculated lack of merit goes to differing views and talents that some teams of women unfortunately practice, and that I have been victim to. Sometimes, it is driven by sheer insecurity of those who are weary of accepting unlike views. There can be a nervous distrust over a transformation that causes certain people to be indignant and only hear, “you’re wrong”, when someone else has a difference of opinion. This is extremely likely in groups and usually results in poisoning an effort or sabotaging most of the value in the work being produced. If you are really lucky, it can end up with a bullying-pack mentality of blackballing or challenging individuals rather than accepting their input and moving forward.

Business WomanIf you are a business woman, you have felt this before, or you have participated in it. No one needs research to show us that this is detrimental to success. First, it stalls “buy-in” for perspectives that may house great ideas; secondly, it inhibits a full representation of the collective minds of those who have gathered to accomplish something of value. Most likely, these events that are continually targeted at one individual on an on-going basis can result in some company HR issues.

Developing a culture of influence and conformity in any manner, rather than productive acculturation that retains diversity, can saturate a company and decay the most dynamic organizations and positive working climates. Sometimes the group may not accomplish anything of value because the team deteriorates over time. It can be exhausting, hurtful, and cause even the most energized persons to feel like giving up on the cause, which in turn, hurts the entire team and organization.

Energy of differing creative value is important. Shutting this down makes members feel as though they are wasting their time, or they may not understand what is supposed to be the outcome if it is based on “scratching” the loudest cat purring.


Being of human nature, finesse is always required when working with women. However, some women can learn from men who understand the value of accomplishing great things in their profession without navigating through a quagmire of personalities. After all, when at work, profession is the game not personalities.