Pennsylvania Grit Trip

Sandi Allison August 7, 2013 0


Pennsylvania has beauty in its older towns and country roads that bring attention to historical pasts that are still laboring today. Stumbling onto country roads and riding into small towns which boldly display remnants of multiple eras of time is riveting when captured in this single collective experience.

IMG_1090This visual diary of antiquity, nature, vivacity, industry, and backbone all in a long day’s jaunt provides an instant familiarity of bygone family, farming, small business, and beauty that affords one with a sense of longing for the simple, yet toiling, life it represents.

This American Grit Road Trip through the back roads of western PA was inspiring to the creation of this travel series and we hope to continue to bring you many countenances and visuals of the standing accounts of our great States.PA Grit Trip Collage