American Grit

American Woman Magazine August 4, 2013 0

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The backbone of America seems to have been lost in some great abyss as our country progresses into the future. Like everything in life, change can be ominous. Conversely, many experts say stressing over change is more damaging than adapting to it. I believe that traditional American values are centered on hard work, community pride, and pitching in for the cause. Rarely was the message from the crowd heard ringing, “It’s someone else’s fault and we can’t do anything about it”.

Women, like several groups, knew this all too well as they propelled all their energy into supporting the cause without any of the control. The cast of historical change expanded jurisdictions and populations proving prosperity that can come from change when the past is successfully grieved and adaptation occurs into the future.

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‘Rich historical reminders are present everywhere in our country as a representation of what we have mass-produced from our tailored memoirs’

Amazingly, when you look for it, you can see the shadow of our country’s small American towns that supported where we have arrived. This year’s outdoor summer travels have wooed us into exploring places in our great country where the backbone of America meets the future, in the new American Woman Magazine’s, American Grit Passages.

Share your photos of the history of small town America with us this year! It’s still America the beautiful from sea to shining sea.