JUNE: Relationships

American Woman Magazine June 1, 2013 0

This is YOUR year. Ignite Your Virtuosity! 


This Month’s Health Challenge:

Outdoors Month

This month is a nationally recognized “outdoors month”. Seems as if we have a month and day for every occasion, and while this seems like a silly title, it is actually a great goal! There is no better way to enjoy your youth than connecting with nature and bringing along some friends or loved ones.

Because we are focusing on relationships, it is a great time to meld the two together and have some fun outdoors with those we have a relationship with. Most people will think of “love and family” when we use the term relationship. But as women, we may want to consider strengthening relationships with friends as well.


Finding friends to do things with is easy these days. There are on-line clubs to join in your area and many low cost events to keep you busy. Your local metro-parks and cities have much to offer in the way of activities to participate in. Joining your local YMCA offers more than a workout with daily options of things to do, or finding a place to volunteer a few hours can create lasting friendships.

Hanging out with other women is just as important to your social life as it is in a love or family relationship. Friends offer a fresh perspective of their struggles and triumphs that we can learn from and relate to if we make time to be with them. The big balance in life is to make time for socializing and taking care of ourselves and our relationships. A friend eloquently said, “I needed to get out of my comfort zone and do things that keep me busy and active.” Coupling this with spending time with other women is important to opening ourselves up to new views, misinterpretations, and learning new ways women deal with life.

So, get outdoors with friends, family, and loved ones this summer! Join an online club that has events in your area, go to the local festival, call old friends, and make commitments to find new things to do in your neighborhoods, even if it is to go for a walk and talk with your neighbor.

The Girl Scout Rule: Make new friends and keep the old…one is silver and the other’s gold.