Funny Love

American Woman Magazine February 26, 2013 0

Senior man giving woman piggyback ride

Love is a funny thing. It can be the greatest thing in your life, and yet at other times, be the most frustrating thing you have ever been through. Our staff at American Woman Magazine took a Sunday morning to put our heads together over a cup of soothing rich coffee to ponder what has got us through the mine fields of love.

After making jokes about our past boyfriends, and let us tell you…there were plenty, we decided to share our lists with you.

First, don’t play roles and don’t try to act like the cliché lovers we’ve seen in movies or shows. Be yourself, and do it with confidence! Remember, men are quick to tell you that “confidence” is the sexiest thing a girl can wear.

…actions are the foundations we need to base our claims on.”

Man Whispering in Girl's EarNext, let your love shine through your actions and behaviors and not your words. My co-workers had to wipe the mascara from their cheeks as we shared the top ten worst “romance” and “pick-up” lines we were subjected to over the years. Do not use words to show your love, especially when they’re not supported by prior behaviors. We all try to say the right thing or use the word “love” to make our relationships seem perfect, but it is not enough. If the feelings are there, they must be turned into actions. The actions are the foundations we need to base our claims on. As much as we were amused by the effort put into “pick-up” lines on our behalf, a better path would be to go from actions, then to words. As we laughed, and almost cried at times…we all agreed that when there is a need for words to be heard, speak from your heart!

The staff at American Woman Magazine range in age, experience, and relationships, and our breakfast discussion really helped to remind us how different we all are. A few of us were brave enough to share the triumphs and tragedies in our love lives and also recognize that men and women are different.

Couples Doing Silly Things In Public By this time we had settled down a bit so that we did not continue to disrupt the other patrons unlucky enough to be sitting by our table. One of our older staff members offered a third thought to our list that we should all keep in mind. With a smile she gently spoke, “Remember that some people accept or show love in many different ways during their lives”. Currently widowed, she shared with us that some people may show their love by kissing, hugging, and touching, while another person may show love by doing things or just having quality time with the one they love. “Sometimes the quiet silence between two lovers is contentment and is an intimate moment of serenity. That silence shouts louder than a thousand ‘I love yous’.” Our staff fell silent as we understood the way a peaceful moment nurtures a beloved one’s needs and expectations.

By the end of an hour, we had certainly participated in our fair share of “male-bashing” and laughing about our past mistakes. But we also celebrated our current loves and soul-mates in our lives. We shared our dreams and our hopes with each other.

One of the last topics we discussed in our new “sisterhood” was the excitement of spontaneity. If our beloved partners wanted to really earn points with us, it’s simple; they need to be unpredictable. Oh how we laughed! Our men just need to listen actively to learn the small/big things we care about and then surprise us by doing something about it at the most unexpected time! We all blushed as we laughed about how we would repay our man in our own ways!

Sorry, at American Woman Magazine, we do not kiss and tell!